Day 6: The Tzadik


Today is Day 6 of the Omer. Yesod sheb’hesed. Within love, there is righteousness.

There could be no other choice for day 6 of the Omer than the great Bill Russell. Russell is the greatest winner in the history of the NBA and arguably the greatest player in NBA history. In 13 seasons, he won 11 NBA Championships. All Russell cared about was winning and doing whatever it took for his team to win. He was league MVP 5x in his career and AVERAGED 22.5 rebounds/game over his entire career. The league didn’t begin recording blocks until after he retired, which is a shame, because he would have dominated that category too.

Yesod is most often translated as foundation and Russell was certainly the foundation of the Boston Celtics. He led the storied franchise to their first NBA championship in 1957 and then to 10 more as the Celtics dominated…

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