Day 7: The King in the North


Today is Day 7 of the Omer. Malchut sheb’hesed. Love that manifests as Kingship.

It’s the final day of week 1, the week of hesed. According to the kabbalistic way of counting the Omer, each week ends with the attribute of malchut, meaning kingship or sovereignty. So on Day 7, when love manifests itself as royalty, we are going with The King in the North.

Now, I know what you’re saying: Didn’t we already focus on Kawhi Leonard on Day 2?! The man who led the Toronto Raptors to the 2019 NBA Championship, won Finals MVP, and was serenaded with chants and memes proclaiming his Kingship?! Well, Kawhi immediately abdicated his throne, leaving the real leader of the Toronto Raptors, Kyle Lowry, as the true King in the North.

Lowry struggled to find a home and role in his first 7 years in the league before becoming a…

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