Day 11: The Splash Brother


Today is Day 11 of the Omer. Netzach sheb’gevurah. From limits comes victory.

When I began dreaming about counting the Omer through basketball, I figured that big men would dominate the week of gevurah. It’s a week all about strength and power, right?! 

However, as I’ve immersed myself further in each day’s combination of sefirot, I’ve understood that while gevurah is at the core, it manifests each day in a unique way. So while there are a ton of great big men who wore the #11, including Hall of Famers: Yao Ming, Elvin Hayes, Bob McAdoo, and Arvydas Sabonis, none of them were my final choice for a today.

Instead, it’s a person who only cares about one thing: winning (aka netzach). Klay Thompson has helped lead the Golden State Warriors on 5 straight runs to the NBA Finals with hard work, humility…

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