Day 1: Pure Loving-Kindess


Today is day one of the Omer. Hesed sheb’hesed. Within loving-kindness there is loving-kindness.

Which basketball player (who wore the #1) most embodies pure hesed? That is our goal, as we begin the Omer tonight. For the first week, we will focus on players who embody hesed, an open-hearted, free-flowing form of loving-kindness. Each day will carry a secondary value, but today is all about the truest expression of hesed.

With the help of my cousin Ben, I pored over the list of eligible players. It was tempting to choose Zion Williamson. He plays the game selflessly, perhaps too selflessly at times. He’s humble, loves his Mom, and wants to share the spotlight and the rock with his teammates. He also pledged to pay the salaries of all the workers at the Pelicans arena after the NBA season was shut down, an incredibly generous act…

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