Day 12: The Big Kiwi


Today is Day 12. Hod sheb’gevurah. Might that manifests in humility.

There are few men in the NBA stronger than Steven Adams. If you don’t believe me, just ask Jimmy Butler (NSFW). The native New Zealander, is big and strong, and unafraid to throw his weight around. When I think of gevurah, I think of players like Adams. 

But not every big man, would be the right choice for Day 12, hod sheb’gevurah, a combination of sefirot that shows how power can manifest in humility. Adams is willing to do all the dirty work and all the team-first plays that don’t show up in a typical box score. He walls off the paint, boxes out, and sets physical screens to free up his teammates. Oh and he can finish well too.

Adams also rebounds, but his 7.6 rebounds/game, are not what you’d expect from a 6’11” 265 lbs center…

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