Day 4: Dolph Schayes


4/12 – Netzach sheb’hesed

Today is Day 4 of the omer. Netzach sheb’hesed. From love, there emerges eternity.

One of the things that’s becoming clearer to me is that while the sefirah of the week is primary, the way that it manifests on each day will be different. During this week of hesed, it is loving-kindness that motivates everything, even if what is visible to the world is something else, like power or beauty.

Today we focus on a player whose love for the game manifested in the attribute of netzach, meaning: triumph, victory, or endurance. With apologies to Luis Scola, who at the age of 39, was still dominating some of the world’s best players in China last summer, there can be only one choice for Day 4, the greatest Jewish basketball player of all time, Dolph Schayes.

Schayes was a 6’8” stretch power forward, with size…

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