Day 13: The Godfather of the Euro step


Today is Day 13. Yesod sheb’gevurah. Laying a foundation through power.

Heading into the 1988 Seoul Olympics, US Men’s Basketball Team had lost only once in its history, to the Soviet Union at the 1972 Olympics in an extremely controversial ending. But there was no debate over their second loss, again to the U.S.S.R., this time in the 1988 Olympic Semifinals. The group of talented US amateurs lost to a mature and experienced Soviet National team led by 24 year old Sarunas Marciulionis. He scored 19 points against the US that day and 21 points against Yugoslavia to help the Soviet Union win the gold medal.

Marciulionis was a 1987 6th pick of the Golden State Warriors, but he was stuck behind the Iron Curtain. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Marciulionis made his way to the NBA in 1989 along with another European great, the late, Drazen…

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