The Shape of the Hoophead


Each day, we will select one basketball player who best embodies the combination of sefirot for that week and day and whose jersey matches the day. You might think that would be too limiting, but according to Basketball Reference, 332 players in NBA history have worn the #3 at some point in their career. When you include, WNBA players and the Olympics, it’s almost too much.

Players will be chosen based on:

  1. Their embodiment of that day’s combination of sefirot.
  2. Their overall greatness as the player
  3. Their performance wearing that jersey number.
  4. Their overall contribution to and representation of the sport.

That’s it. We’re not selecting the best player to wear each number and we’re not selecting our favorite player. We’re creating the primordial basketball player, the prototype and the ideal.

This post will be updated each day.

1Hesed (Loving-Kindness)Hesed (Loving-Kindness)Mo…

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