Alternative Day 23: Maya Moore


Today is Day 23 of the Omer. Gevurah sheb’netzach. Power that comes from victory.

If Day 23 were just about victory (netzach), Maya Moore would be a perfectly defensible selection.  In 2017, Sports Illustrated called her “the greatest winner in the history of women’s basketball.”  It is tough to argue with that.  In high school, she was named an All-American, Player of the Year, and Athlete of the Year.  She won three state titles and a national title, while losing a total of three games.  In college, she won two national titles and lost a total of four games.  She remains the only three-time winner of the Wade Trophy, which is awarded to the best player in women’s college basketball.  So she did not win the award one year?!  Well yes, but freshman are not eligible for the Wade Trophy.  So she won it every year that she could.

All of that would…

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