Day 26: Kyle Korver


Today is Day 26 of the Omer. Hod sheb’netzach. Humility that emerges from endurance.

Throughout his 16 year NBA career, Kyle Korver has carved out a role as an elite three point shooter and floor spacer. Four times, he’s led the league in three point shooting and for his career he has averaged 42.9%. Even at age 39, just having Korver stand in the corner or on the wing, opens up the floor for his teammates because of his incredible gravity.

Being able to last that long in the NBA, with six different teams, makes Korver an apt choice for the week of netzach, or endurance. But it’s the perspective he gained over his career that makes him the best choice for Day 26, hod sheb’netzach, a day that honors the humility that emerges from endurance.

That humility is most evident in “Privileged,” where he takes on racism…

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