Day 27: Eternal Teammates


Today is Day 27 of the omer. Yesod sheb’netzach. Eternal Teammates.

Netzach means eternity, and for the sixth day of the week of netzach, we celebrate someone who was willing and able to be a good teammate for eternity, #27 Jack Twyman. Twyman was a 6x All-Star and Hall of Famer, who averaged 19.2 points and 6.6 rebounds/game for his career, but he’ll always be remembered for the assist he gave to teammate, Maurice Stokes.

On March 12, 1958, Stokes fell on hard his head in the last game of the regular season. Stokes was a 6’7” do-it-all forward for the Rochester/Cincinnati Royals and a rising star in the league. In his brief, three year career he was the NBA’s Rookie of the Year and a 2x All-Star who averaged 16.4 points, 17.3 rebounds, and 5.3 assists/game. Sadly, Stokes head injury was not properly diagnosed and he suffered multiple…

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