Day 29: Paul Silas


Today is Day 29 of the Omer. Hesed sheb’hod. Humility that manifests in generosity.

The best NBA player to ever wear #29 was Paul Silas. Silas was a dominant rebounder and defender who won three NBA championships. The 2x All-Star and 5x member of the All-Defensive Team, nearly averaged a double-double over his 16 year career while scoring over 11,000 points and grabbing over 12,000 rebounds.

Day 29 begins week 5 of the Omer, the week of hod. Silas embodies the aspect of hod that is known as humility. Silas played for four teams, including the Boston Celtics with whom he won two championships. The Celtics director of Media relations, Bill Bonsiewicz, described Silas as “A player who provides the intangibles – rebounding, tenacious defense, diving for loose balls, soft-spoken leadership…[He was] one of the most respected players in the NBA during his career.”

Silas’s humility, meant that…

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