Day 33: The Ideal #2


Today is Day 33 of the Omer. Hod sheb’hod. The Ideal Humility.

Hod is associated with Moses’s brother, Aaron, who is the ideal #2 in Torah. He complements his brother Moses, speaks on his behalf in Egypt, and serves as a priest and peacemaker for the Israelites while they wander in the wilderness.

Finding that perfect #2 in the NBA is very difficult. Everyone grows up wanting to be Batman. Nobody wants to be Robin. But on Day 33, hod sheb’hod, we are blessed with perhaps the greatest #2 in NBA history, Scottie Pippen.

Scottie was a 7x All-Star and the perfect complement to Michael Jordan (the Moses of the Chicago Bulls). Long and athletic, he was one of the best defenders in the league, making the All-Defensive team 10x. He was a strong rebounder and facilitator who kept the ball moving and got his teammates involved. During…

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