Day 35: Mad Dog


Today is Day 35 of the Omer. Malchut sheb’hod. Humility that leads to Kingship.

I got to interact with Mark Madsen a bit at Stanford University. He was so genuine, so humble. There was nobody on those great Stanford teams that I was happier to see become an NBA champion. In college, Madsen was a hard working big man, who came to college after a two year Mormom mission, leading Stanford to the 1998 Final Four. 

The relentless energy and enthusiasm of the 2x First Team All Pac-12 player, made him a first round pick of the Los Angeles Lakers. Madsen didn’t amass many points or rebounds in LA, but he got himself two NBA rings, while becoming a fan favorite.

I challenge you to meet Mark Madsen and not like him. I can’t imagine anyone not appreciating his joy, mixed with the humility and sincerity evident in this 2001…

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