Day 49: Malchut & Shekhinah


Today is Day 49 of the Omer. Malchut sheb’malchut. Within Kingship there is Kingship.

What an amazing feeling to be counting the final day of the Omer, Day 49, where we feel the fullness of this journey from redemption to revelation. Reflecting each day on the combination of sefirot, gives us a way to understand G-d and know ourselves better.

In many ways, malchut sheb’malchut is the ultimate. Pure Kingship feels so beyond our reach. But malchut is also known as shekhinah, the Divine Presence that dwells amongst us. It is both beyond our reach and the closest thing for us to touch.

The problem for us at Omertime is that there are only two NBA Players to ever wear the #49: Shandon Anderson, a solid 11 year pro who won a ring with the Miami Heat in 2005-06 and contributed on the Stockton and Malone…

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