Simchat Basketball

NBA Basketball is fairly unique in that most years we feel like we know going in who is going to win the title. Even when we can’t narrow it down to one team, like the Golden State Warriors or Miami Heat, who will hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy, we can usually limit it a handful of teams that have a chance. Yet, that doesn’t diminish the joy of the game. The joy of an 82 game season…

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Even Stars Need a System

From 1/25/19 Fans of Boston’s most successful sports franchise, the Boston Celtics, have been very frustrated this year.  The team came in to the year with great expectations, but has struggled to meet them. As the losses have mounted, players have complained, fought with each other, and been unable to find answers. The Celtics best player, their All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving, has tried to lead them, but has struggled to find his voice in that role.…

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Re’eh – Embrace Your Role

This was originally given on 8/30/19 People always ask me why I love basketball so much. It’s more than watching crazy drunks or amazing passes. In part, it’s having played the game for so many years, I see so much outside the play and appreciate the subtle things happening on the floor. But it is more than that too. It’s about the people and their stories. It’s knowing and having followed many of these players for so…

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